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Dance With Your Voice (Workshop)


Dance With Your Voice



A fun filled intense and unusual workshop

for singers, actors, dancers and instrumentalists taking the stage.

Created for performing arts universities, academies, conservatoires,

private schools of the arts, workshop festivals, special event programmes.


The Focus

Cultivating Communication – Interactive and alone.

Dialogues, Monologues, Songtexts selections in English and German

to be experienced and developed through the one sensory delete practice.


Stop getting out of breath

Learn to develop your partnering, body and breath control skills (lifts)

while singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument or using props.


Mirror Work – Me, Myself & I – My friend Fear

Stepping out of your comfort zone to meet who you really are.

A to Z writing, Eye work, Body language, EFT Techniques, Cultural Exchanges.


Poetry & Passion Rev Up

 You will create your own poem to be presented and performed

while you are singing, acting and dancing. Alone & Interactive.


Physical Clash Training

Diverse training methods with or without equipment to strengthen,

stretch, develop, gain and maintain your form, when on the road or

when training or money is not available.


Did you pick the wrong outfit and trip over those heels?

Castings, auditions, presentations and meetings. We need to talk!


Important Note

This workshop will not be accompanied by a pianist.

The intention here is to work and create from the raw materials

of each individual artist.



To book or learn more about this unique workshop
please contact Gabriele Lavostaire (artistic – worker) at